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Soapstone Cleaning and Stain Removal
Soapstone is a highly durable and stain-resistant material, but it can still build up discoloration over long-term use. When this happens, we recommend a deep cleaning to remove any dirt and if necessary, we are able to sand affected surfaces until stains are no longer visible. Because of this, it's not impossible to keep soapstone looking fresh and amazing for decades to come!

As always, our cleaning process is non-toxic end done with respect to the health of your family or customers in your home or business.

Soapstone Polishing
One of the great things about soapstone is the versatility it brings to your home or business since it can be used with a more natural-looking finish or can be treated and polished to bring out deeper and richer colors within.  the choice is yours, and whichever option you choose oh, you are sure to enjoy your soapstone for years to come, given its resistance to staining and high density.

We are happy to walk you through the multiple options for polishing and finishing your soapstone to meet your specific needs and aesthetic taste.

Soapstone Sealing
Whether it be your kitchen countertops or patios, soapstone is a phenomenal option to bring durable beauty into your home or business. despite its great hardness and stain resistance, it is prone to normal wear and tear, especially around the edges, and from chipping or scratching. the best way to minimize this is regular sealing every few years.

When it comes to sealing your soapstone, you have the option of sealants that will preserve a more natural light grey and blue appearance or sealants that can bring out a darker color tone, which is a natural process has the soapstone ages anyway.  the choice is all yours and we are happy to walk you through the options for creating the color and durability that is right for you.

"They made sure to protect everything that was around the areas to be cleaned.  Mary and her crew are hard workers and she makes sure everything is done to perfection!" --Michele L

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What you can expect

"Counters look brand new. Fantastic job for a fair and honest price. I would definitely  recommend her and use her again!"--Edward H


Why have someone work on your stone surfaces if you have to worry about them harming your other posessions? We leave your entire home as good or better than we found it, guaranteed.
We evaluate the work area, move furniture, cover all sensitive areas, and clean thoroughly.



All damage from stains, chips, and scratches is removed and repaired. If it can be fixed, then we have the proper solution to make it happen for you.

Damaged surfaces are then buffed with our unique diamond pads and water, followed by our special technique of grout cleaning.


For applicable stones, we then polish the surface to your preferred sheen: Low honed sheen, medium sheen, or a high gloss finish.

We're happy to explain the pros and cons of each finish type, both in terms of function and aesthetic appeal, to make sure you get the best product for your style!



Our final step is to seal the surfaces of all restored stone, protecting them from stains and normal wear and tear.
Let's lock in the newly created beauty on your stone surfaces to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Your next call to us may be just to say "I can't believe how good it STILL looks!"

"Their high quality work was completed on time with the job site left in immaculate condition when finished.  I couldn't be happier with the final results!"
--Don T

At Marble Specialist, we treat each stone with care

You can count on our team to complete a job well-done.
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