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Marble Cleaning

Over time and due to lack of proper past sealing, marble surfaces may become stained or discolored. When this happens, professional cleaning is required to restore it to its original luster. Our marble cleaning is a safe (no damage or toxicity) and highly effective way to remove unsightly stains, etching, watermarks, and other discoloring. The final step will be to properly seal the surface, ensuring that you don’t have similar issues in the future.

Marble Resurfacing, grinding, stain, and scratch removal

Whether it’s from normal wear and tear or a more serious incident, those scratches and stains on your marble surface don’t need to stay there any longer. Our clients are often amazed at the degree of damage that can be removed and restored from their marble counters, floors, and other surfaces using our industry-leading methods. If it’s possible to remove the scratch or stain, our team will get it done for you!

This may be done using a diamond abrasive buffing process or one of our other specialty options, depending on your unique needs.

Marble Polishing

Is it time to bring back the like-new shine to your marble counters or surfaces? Our polishing will do just that but removing build-up from past inferior polishing products such as wax and then leaving your marble surface with its original glossy shine. We’re also able to remove dull spots, etches, and stains, which will have a restorative effect even on highly used marble counters or floors.

Marble Sealing

Nothing will keep your marble counters and floors looking like new better and longer than proper sealing--unfortunately, not all sealants are created equal. When it comes to avoiding future staining, dull spots, and other flaws that detract from your home’s beauty, having a high-quality sealant on your surfaces is a must!

We bring the durability of commercial-grade marble sealing to your project because hardware store-bought sealants just don’t give you the same quality of finish and protection. Our goal is to keep your stone surface looking and feeling flawless for as long as possible, so you might not be seeing us for a while after we apply our highest-grade sealant to your marble surfaces!

Marble Chip repair

Unsightly chips are bad enough, but the last thing anyone wants is a sub-par repair that makes it look only slightly better than before. Fortunately, when we repair chipped marble floors and counters, the goal is to bring them back to their pre-damage beauty and leave all traces of damage in the past. This is often done by filling the damaged area with a super high-grade ultra-hard epoxy which can be color tinted to create a near-perfect color match--leaving the repair spot virtually invisible to the eye or touch.

Marble Maintenance

Proper marble maintenance combines bringing back your surface’s natural and original beauty with protecting it from future damage or dulling. Therefore, it is a must if your goal is to enjoy your marble floors and counters for many years to come.
We strive to meet your particular needs, but marble maintenance can include a number of steps, including a deep cleaning to remove built-up grime, dirt, and germs; polishing to remove low-grade wax polish sheens and other pollutants which could be affecting your surfaces while bringing out a marvelous shine; buffing out stains and scratches; and sealing your marble to lock in the like-new shine and lockout all future moisture damage.

We’re happy to assess your Marble surface, free of charge.
We take pride in finding solutions that are custom-fit to your particular marble needs because we’re not happy until you are. Call us at (310) 907-9600 o we’ll help you select the best option to bring your marble surface back to its best form!

"They made sure to protect everything that was around the areas to be cleaned.  Mary and her crew are hard workers and she makes sure everything is done to perfection!" --Michele L

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What you can expect

"Counters look brand new. Fantastic job for a fair and honest price. I would definitely  recommend her and use her again!"--Edward H


Why have someone work on your stone surfaces if you have to worry about them harming your other posessions? We leave your entire home as good or better than we found it, guaranteed.
We evaluate the work area, move furniture, cover all sensitive areas, and clean thoroughly.



All damage from stains, chips, and scratches is removed and repaired. If it can be fixed, then we have the proper solution to make it happen for you.

Damaged surfaces are then buffed with our unique diamond pads and water, followed by our special technique of grout cleaning.


For applicable stones, we then polish the surface to your preferred sheen: Low honed sheen, medium sheen, or a high gloss finish.

We're happy to explain the pros and cons of each finish type, both in terms of function and aesthetic appeal, to make sure you get the best product for your style!



Our final step is to seal the surfaces of all restored stone, protecting them from stains and normal wear and tear.
Let's lock in the newly created beauty on your stone surfaces to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Your next call to us may be just to say "I can't believe how good it STILL looks!"

"Their high quality work was completed on time with the job site left in immaculate condition when finished.  I couldn't be happier with the final results!"
--Don T

At Marble Specialist, we treat each stone with care

You can count on our team to complete a job well-done.
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