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Q) Do you charge an estimate Fee?
A) No, only under special circumstances like the service are in question is out of our service area. This well be advice, before scheduling an estimate.
Q) How much dust will be created during the restorations on our natural stone?
No, dust will not be created during the restoration, we use water in our process that help keep the dust in a mud form, and not on the air.
Q) How would my cabinets be protected?
Our technicians will assess all surrounding area before starting the restoration, they will protect all baseboard, carpet, wood floor & cabinets with plastic.

Q) Why can’t I remove the stains on my natural stone?
Some stains are very light and can be polish, other stains may have edged the stone, this may accrue when an acidic substance come in contact with a calcium base stone. To get rid of the etch mark, the stone will need to be grind and polish.

Q) What would be my daily or weekly maintenance I should be performing?
If possible, on a daily maintenance process, use an untreated microfiber dust mop on high traffic areas to remove grit, sand & dust. On a weekly process use ph neutral stone cleaner on a damp mop. Avoid any acid cleaners such as bath cleaner or ceramic cleaners. Do not mix bleach and ammonia, this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas.

Q) What is the vest stone to install on my kitchen counters?
In general granite counters are considered more durable than any other stone. Due to its durability it more difficult for it to etched. Granite is very strong helping It keep it sheen far longer than any other stone.

Q) How often should I seal my natural stone?
This will depend on where and how often the stone is located, for example showers and countertop are usually use daily, these areas will need to be seal every 6 to 8 months, kitchen and entry ways every 12 to 18 months, all other areas may need to be seal every 3 years.

Q) What is the difference between a restoration and cleaning?
Natural stone cleaning simply involves a floor or handheld machine with a buffing pad and a neutral cleaner, however stone restoration involves fixing the damages of the stone surface. A floor or handheld machine is used to remove stains, scratches, flatten uneven surfaces, as well as grout cleaning then stone will be polished to its natural beauty.

Q) What causes natural stone to breakdown?
Typically, dulled surfaces are damaged due to high traffic, this creates light or deep scratches or round spots. The frictions created by foot traffic and dirt will usually wear down the stone surface overtime. The dull appearance happens when the factory finish has been worn off, leaving the surface bare and unprotected which is extremely vulnerable to further damaging the stone.

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